Sample “Birth Certificate” Or “No Record Birth Certificate (NRBC)” for Pakistan


UPDATED, MAY 26, 2014: I used this form 4 years back and it worked. Now I am sitting in country where I wanted to. I was never asked about submitting this form by any foreign  official. Not even a single time!



After browsing internet,I could not locate a sample  for Pakistani’s . Therefore now I am uploading this document found in ‘Kachehri’. Please edit it accordingly where required.

Here is the sample of No record birth certificate which is sometimes called:

  • Non-Availability Birth Certificate (NABC)
  • affidavit Birth certificate
  • No Record Birth Certificate (NRBC)

How to make it a valid document for immigration  to Canada or USA:

sample no record birth certificate for Pakistan

Sample No Record Birth Certificate for Pakistan

  1. Download and print the sample
  2. Get it typed on Rs. 20 Stamp paper and
  3. Go to Notary Public for further stamping and validity procedure

This document verifies from Parents that person’s birth event was not recorded just after birth and therefore this document should be taken as valid and true record in place of its original birth certificate.


6 Responses to “Sample “Birth Certificate” Or “No Record Birth Certificate (NRBC)” for Pakistan”

  1. 1 Asfandyar

    Thanks for uploading this document. Did you also get a “No Record of Birth” certificate from your local district? If so, how did you go about it?

    • 2 mailmirza

      Actually ‘No record of Birth’ and ‘Birth certificate’ have the same text. So it will solve the purpose either way. Please remember to change the text according to the person who is confirming ‘birth event’/ ‘confirming no birth record registered at the time of birth’…. hope it will help.

      • 3 Asfandyar

        Thanks for your reply. Are you sure the embassy would accept the Rs. 20 stamp paper as opposed to the a proper “No record of birth” certificate from the dirstrict office? Thanks (i’m a bit concerned)

  2. 4 Muhammad Shams- Ul-Islam

    aoa! actually i am going to apply here in russia to get temporary residency agreement for this sake i do have my birth certificate which even my parents dont have so what i have to do even dont know so please help me to get rid of this problem as soon as possible its very necessory for me and very less time left

    • 5 mailmirza

      I have already shared my experience. Let me know how can I help you further?

  3. 6 Student

    Aoa, thanks for such a nice help. I was born outside Pakistan so I don’t have any birth certificate here in Pakistan. Now I want to ask if I make this “Non Availability of Birth Certificate”, will I have to attest it from relevant Union Council as recorded in CNIC?

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